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Extremadura on the plate
New collection

There are four culinary stories told by chef Toño Pérez that have served as inspiration in the work of Mercedes Bellido. An unrepeatable collection for an inimitable kitchen: Extremadura.

This Christmas, Extrem Puro Extreamadura brings Extremadura gastronomy to all tables.

Mercedes Bellido was in charge of creating the illustrations inspired by Toño Perez's kitchen.

For Cerámicas Anoru, it has been a pleasure to carry out this wonderful work, consisting of 4 ceramic pieces hand-decorated by our expert painters. We are talking about 2 plates, of different sizes, as well as 2 trays, also of different sizes, all decorated with different illustrations.

Mercedes Bellido is in charge of creating these illustrations inspired by the cuisine of Toño Perez, acclaimed chef of the Atrio de Cáceres restaurant, awarded 3 Michelin stars.

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